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Maureen K. D. Hains

A native Virginian, Maureen has spent her career in the greater Richmond, Virginia area. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Longwood University, concentrating in Art Education and Graphic Design, she went to work for a local insurance agency specializing in medical malpractice insurance. It was at Professional Risk where she helped design the company's new logo and brand. Building on her skills as a graphic designer, she built the company's website, designed leave-behinds for clients meetings and conventions, designed the booth materials for trade shows, and utilized Tableau to build a Risk Analytics program to help practice managers and healthcare professionals better visualize their claims and potential risks. Inspired by Simon Sinek's TED talk, Maureen helped brand Professional Risk with their "why" of "Making a Difference."

After eight years of serving and making a difference with her company, healthcare and the local community, Maureen received an opportunity with Kinsale Insurance Company to expand her skill set and explore other product lines within the insurance industry. She developed new material for Kinsale's subsidiary company, Aspera Insurance, for agents to provide educational material to the consumers purchasing insurance. She also developed the booth designs and leave-behinds for trade shows and client meetings; and utilized data analytics to guide marketing campaigns.

As a result of her work in healthcare, Maureen joined the Adams for Delegate campaign as a volunteer in 2017 to help the first nurse practitioner to become elected to the State legislative branch in its 400-year history. As a consultant, she managed the campaign through its win in the 2017 June primary, winning 23 out of 26 voting precincts. During the general election, Maureen acted as Communications Director; developing all online and print media for the campaign including radio ads, billboards, bulk mailers, yard signs, and social media campaigns. She also served as field director helping to guide a team of volunteers to knock 27,000 households. As a result, the campaign received the highest voter turnout of any 100 districts, and did so by spending the least amount of money of any winning campaign - earning the title of the "Moneyball Campaign" by Virginia Capitol Connections magazine.

For continuity sake, Maureen left the private sector to serve the public alongside her newly elected Delegate. She operationalized an office from scratch, built the district's website, designed a new logo for the Delegate and brand model for leave-behinds, and completed a crash course in learning how to track nearly 3,000 pieces of legislation for a 45-60 day legislative session. Maureen also was in charge of all email marketing campaigns, online and print media, bulk mailers to constituents including welcome packets for newly registered voters, managing data for 80,000 constituents, working to resolve constituent concerns, and more.

Now, after successfully completing two General Assembly sessions as a Legislative Assistant, Maureen is seeking new opportunities to collaborate with other marketing professionals, create beautiful designs, and continue to have a positive impact on the local community and beyond.